Another Hubby DIY Tip

In a previous rambling I told of my Hubby's technique for stopping a draft which in turn caused a water leak. It's time to add to the advice on what not to do in order to avoid further work or injury (injury in this case).

The advice is this : When unscrewing the fixtures which attach the no leg end of a one legged section of your computer desk, do not do so whilst laying on the floor under said one leg table.

My hubby tells me that a long one legged table will not stand up of it's own accord once the no leg end is not attached to anything anymore....Apparently, instead it promptly falls down, landing on top of anyone daft enough to be laid under it (such as my Hubby).

I am sure my Hubby will at some point provide other seriously helpful tips for the home handy person, until then I am pleased to say he suffered no physical injury, simply a high dose of embarressment.

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