Bryn's Recovery

My beautiful boy.

 I mentioned in a previous blog that my dog, Bryn, had undergone surgery (yet again) on one of his hind knees. For a couple of days after he refused to eat or drink. Then came the fight to get tablets down him every day, closely followed by the mystery of how he was able to vomit out much more than he was taking in.
Being pretty much experts in Bryn nursing, I took him off his post-op painkiller and back on to his pre-op ones. Vomiting ceased and Bryn began to show interest in food and water. he made it clear in the evenings that he wanted to play, (even though he still had to lay down so we made up lots of laying down games).
He has had visits from his favorite (human) Aunt and Uncles and, more recently, has taken himself outside to sit in the garden.
It's still uncertain how much mobility he will regain and he faces yet more surgery in the near future but, however old my boy is, whilst he is happy and playful and interested we will consider whatever treatment is necessary.
The hubby says that in choosing to have a dog you and the dog are entering into a life-time contract. The dog will be devoted to you, loyal, protective, a comfort and your best friend. You're end of the bargain is to ensure all the dog's needs are met and to love him.
Sadly for dogs, whilst they try to uphold their end of the bargain no matter how their human treats them, too many dogs (and other animals) end up with sub-humans/dicks/morons (insert derogatory word of your own choice) as their owners.  As the saying goes, there is no such thing as a bad dog ......

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