Just an Old Fashioned Girl

Until January this year I was a Blog Virgin. It's the Hubby who kept saying "why don't you have a go at blogging? I think you'll enjoy it." (Personally I think he was just looking for ways to give his own ears a rest from my constant verbal diarrhoea). So that's how this wee page started; but I got to thinking during writing my last post that, once again, I am way behind the times and totally not trendy.
Whilst I've only just begun to Blog, the rest of the world is Twittering (or is it Tweeting?) and Facebooking.
I have actually tried Facebooking, simply because all the people we know kept saying they had tried to contact us by Facebook and we were getting loads of emails also telling us that such-a-bod wanted to add us to their Friend's list.
GOD, it was sooooo boring!!!!!!!! I just didn't get it. Why did people think I wanted to know what they had for dinner that day? Why was it important to tell me what film they were planning to watch on TV that night? Or that they had just had the car MOT'd? Why the hell were perfectly sane (to a point) people taking the time to log on in order to amaze me with these kinds of revelations?
I did put a post up asking them all whether this was how it usually was and did I myself have to tell them things like I had got out of bed that day? The answer was yes (apart from one mate who asked what colour my navel fluff was - I told him purple, just like everyone else's). So, finally deciding that I really didn't care who was having sausage for tea, I gave up.
I have now decided that maybe the other methods are for people who either have very little happen in their day to day lives, or they simply have a need to feel "connected". I tell myself, however, that those who still blog are those people of a slightly higher intellect and who have interesting things to share but don't need to feel the world is looking at them. This being the case I ended my ponderings with the final thought of "so why on earth do I "blog"???!!!?

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